AlignTK -- TOOLS

ALIGN -- takes a set of relative maps relating images, and uses a relaxation method to produce a set of absolute maps that position those images in space.

APPLY_MAP --applies a map to an image or a set of maps to a set of images to produce one or more output images.

BEST_AFFINE -- finds the affine map that best approximates the given arbitrary map.

BEST_RIGID -- find the rigid map that best approximates the given arbitrary map.

CLEAN_MAPS  -- allows one to remove portions of maps that are untrustworthy or inconsistent with other maps

COMBINE_MASKS  -- logically combines two masks into one.

COMPOSE_MAPS  -- takes 2 maps and composes their effects into a single output map.

EXTRAPOLATE_MAP -- extrapolates a given map to a map covering a larger area.

FIND_RST -- finds the rotation, scale, and translation that best registers one image to another.

GEN_IMAPS -- generates a set of intensity maps for a set of overlapping images.

GEN_MASK -- generates a mask from an image according to various rules

INSPECTOR -- allows one to inspect images and maps, and to add correspondence points to guide the registration of difficult image pairs

INVERT_MAP  -- takes an input map and outputs its inverse.

MERGE_IMAGES -- combines two aligned images into one.

ORTHO -- generates orthogonally-oriented image stacks from a 3-D volume.

REDUCE -- reduces the resolution of an image.

REDUCE_MASK -- reduces the resolution of a mask.

REGISTER -- finds the best map that registers one image to another image.

TRANSFORM_IMAGES -- transforms a set of images according to the given rotation, scale, and translation operators.


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