MCell 3.4 Released

MCell 3.4 Released

MCell version 3.4 has been released.  For more information on MCell and to download version 3.4, see the MMBioS software page.



Image Processing & Analysis Research Highlights


Tools for determining the spatial relationships

An important task for understanding how cells are organized is determining which components have spatial patterns that are related to each other. Read more


4d rtd

Pipeline for creation of spatiotemporal maps

Using a combination of diffeomorphic methods and improved cell segmentation, we developed a CellOrganizer pipeline for use in DPB4 to construct models of the 4D distributions of actin and 8 of its regulators during the response of T cells to antigen presentation. Read more



Development of models of cell and nuclear shape

We added a major new capability to our open source CellOrganizer system, the ability to construct diffeomorphic models of cell and nuclear shape. The models were developed because of the needs of DBP4... Read More 


Mouse visual cortex
Anatomy and Function of an Excitatory Network in the Visual Cortex

MMBioS researcher Greg Hood’s collaboration with Wei-Chung Allen Lee of Harvard University and R. Clay Reid of the Allen Institute for Brain Science concerning the reconstruction of an excitatory nerve-cell network in the mouse brain cortex at a subcellular level using the AlignTK software has been published in Nature. Read more


CellOrganizerCellorganizer 2.0 Major Release

A major new release of the CellOrganizer system for creating image-derived models of cell shape and organization has just been published.  Read more.

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