This figure depicts the components and the organizational structure of the Center.





MMBioS is directed by Dr. Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh Department of Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University and Salk Institute leaderships are assumed by Nick Nystrom (PSC), Dr. Robert F. Murphy (CMU), and Dr. Terrence J. Sejnowski (Salk).

Training and dissemination activities are conducted under the leadership of Phillip Compeau (CMU), Joseph Ayoob (Pitt), and Alex Ropelewski (PSC).

The PIs for the Four Technology Research and Development Projects (TR&D 1-4) are, respectively, Dr. Bahar, Dr. James Faeder (Pitt) and Dr. Sejnowski, and Dr. Murphy.

These TR&D Projects are directed by eight Driving Biomedical Projects (DBP 1-8),  led respectively by Dr. Susan  Amara (NIMH, NIH), Dr. Mary Kennedy (CalTech), Dr. Alexander Sorkin (Pitt), Dr. Christoph Wuelfing (U of Bristol, UK), Kristen Harris (University of Texas at Austin), Peter Sorger (Harvard University), Daniel  Larson (National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research, NIH), and Dr. R. Clay Reid (Allen Brain Institute).

MMBioS members are involved in 29 Collaboration and Service Projects (C&S 1-29).



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