Suggested Readings: Hands-on Workshop on Computational Biophysics 2015

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Mao W, Kaya C, Dutta A, Horovitz A, Bahar I (2015) Comparative Study of the Effectiveness and Limitations of Current Methods for Detecting Sequence Coevolution Bioinformatics pii: btv103.

Eyal E, Lum G, Bahar I (2015) The Anisotropic Network Model web server at 2015 (ANM 2.0) Bioinformatics 2015: 1-3.

Bakan A, Bahar I (2011) Computational generation inhibitor-bound conformers of p38 map kinase and comparison with experiments Pac Symp Biocomput 2011: 181-92.

Bakan A, Bahar I (2009) The intrinsic dynamics of enzymes plays a dominant role in determining the structural changes induced upon inhibitor binding. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106: 14349-14354.

Bahar I, Lezon TR, Yang LW, Eyal E (2010) Global Dynamics of Proteins: Bridging Between Structure and Function Annu Rev Biophys 39: 23-42.


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